Picture the Day

Welcome to the Festival of Faerie - Located along S. Public Road


Festival Plaza 400 S. Public Road

Queen's Court 107 S. Public Road

Dragon's Den 300 S. Public Road

Lafayette, CO 80026



Schedule of Events - 2016

Saturday, June 18th


09:30 – Join the Parade! Line up between The Post Brewing & Curating the Cool

10:00 – Parade begins & travels to the Faerie Kingdom of LaFete

Circle Dance & Opening Ceremonies 

10:15 Sea a Fae; Find a Treasure  ( $5 at Info. Booth )  

Day long music, dancing, shopping, storytelling, and Fae performances: 

Blades of Moria (live-steel) Shows start at 11am & 2pm

11:45am Mid-day song & Sadko's Voyage 

3-3:30pm Adult & Children's Costume Contests Signup (FREE)

5:00 – Festival Plaza:

 Contest Winners announced  & Door-prize drawings

5:15pm Closing Ceremonies

For our 5th Annual Festival of Faerie we invite you to slip away into imagination and magic. We w20120616 122elcome you to the Kingdom of Faerie located along South Public Road in Lafayette. Visit with the Festival Queen Enid at Queen's Court, watch the Blades of Moria live steel sword play and visit the Dragon's Den, sing and shop at Festival Plaza.
As you travel the Kingdom of LaFete will you join in the parade, or have tea with a Fae? Will you see a Giant or hoop with Fae creatures? Will you beat the drums, and then find a Leprechaun or Dragon? Wear your wings and fantasy finest and join in the day!


Adventure and Magick await! A Questing party is forming, to "Sea a Fae; Find a Treasure", but first you must pay a small price to join the quest and find the treasure. 

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On Saturday join us in the parade; then select from the free and paid activities for children and adults. Be astonished by huge bubbles, giggle with the fae, and meet the Playfully High Giants, dance in a circle dance, and be a part of the magic of LaFete.


  Excitment, music, drumming, adventure, faeries, treasure hunting, free costume contests, door prizes, and tea with the Fae; all this wrapped up in fun and magic at the Festival of Faerie in the Kingdom of LaFete. Come and join us!