Picture the Day

Welcome to the Festival of Faerie - Located at


Lafayette Collectibles & Flea Market

Event Courtyard

130 East Spaulding Street

Lafayette, CO 80026



Schedule of Events for June 6th & 7th, 2014

Friday, June 6th 

6:30 - Festival begins with Shopping

7pm - Crowing of Festival Fairy Queen

8pm - 10pm Fairy Ball 


Saturday, June 7th

09:30 – Join the Parade! Line up in front of the Lafayette Collectibles & Flea Market
10:00 – Parade begins and travels to the Fae Kingdom
10:00 – Opening Ceremonies & Circle Dancing
10:00 Questing begins (Festival Info. Booth)

11:30 – Fairy Queen‘s Tea 

2:30 - Fairy Queen‘s Tea at Fairy Court
3:00 – Last chance to sign up for Costume Contests
3:30 – 4:30 Costume Contest
5:00 – Contest Winners announced at Festival Plaza General door prize drawing

For our 3rd Annual Festival we invite you to slip away into imagination and magic. 20120616 122Welcome to the realm of Faerie in the LCF Market Courtyard, travel the realm; will you see a giant, hoop with the Fae, how many Faeries will you see? Can you find a Leprechaun, listen to a hurdi-gurdi player, or spot the Faerie Queen? Will you join the Quest to uncover the secret of the dragon's treasure and save the citizens of Lafayette from Mundania?
Adventure and Magick await! A Quest party is forming; join in 

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and conquer the wave of mundane that threatens to overtake the citizens of Lafayette and turn their Summer into something dull and boring. Dance at the Fairy Ball, wear your fairy and fantasy finest and join in the costume contests. So what are the newest trends in fairy garb? Be astonished by Colorado's largest bubbles created by Columbine the fairy and meet our Playfully High Giant fairies, dance in the circle dance, be a part of the magic of LaFette.


Excitment, music, drumming, adventure, Faeries, Questing, contests, prizes, tea with the Fairies, all wrapped up in a day in the Realm of LaFette. Come and join us!