Picture the Day

Costume Contest

The Court of Faerie is looking for beautiful and interesting costumes.

We are looking for this year's best fairy costumes, will you walk the runway this year?  Costume Contest is FREE to enter.

Winner Line Up

 Here are a few of winners of the Costume Contest. Our Grand Prize winner was Lily the Fair.

Grand Winner








Join us this year for another costume contest... remember

Cobbled Costumes

Are made of 90% pre-purchased pieces. For example Disney princess costumes that have been cobbled together with other pieces. The judging criteria for the Cobbled Costume category include:

  • Originality – While pieces are mainly fabricated by a well known company; what creativity is show in how these are put together to create the ensemble.
  • Over-all appearance – How well do the pieces go together? Do the colors selected enhance or detract from the overall look.
  • Theme – If the fairy has named a theme for their costume how well does the costumes appearance support the theme?

Remember Cobbled is defined as: gathered together from existing materials. We understand - not everyone sews, but everyone has a different viewpoint and their own unique way of putting things together….so enjoy….have fun… and cobble something together!

Costume Designers

Costumers who delight in making costumes predominantly from scratch. While some accessories are made from, or collected from among pre-made items; 90% of these fairy’s costumes were created and sewn from scratch. The judging criteria for the Costume Designers category include:

  • Theme – How well does the costume’s appearance support the stated theme?
  • Originality – Most pieces have been sewn by the fairy (or fairy’s family) and accessories support the overall costume….. and well…doesn’t fall apart while flying along the run-way. How creative is the ensemble?
  • Over-all appearance – Do the colors, fabrics, and accessories selected enhance or detract from the overall look?


Entry forms available on the day of the Festival.

Note: While not required we’d love to receive information regarding those who want to enter in the Costume Designer category. Please use the "contact us" option to drop us an email with your name, theme and costume description if possible.